About The Simple Equine® - Rider's Edition, Bath and Body Care For Riders

After one too many customers tried a Simple Equine product for their horse and said, "This is going to my bathroom, not the barn," or, "I tried it and decided it was too nice for my horse and took it home," we decided it was time to come up with a collection dedicated to riders. 

Now, our customers can use our regular equine line on their horses, and have something to enjoy for themselves as well.  Keeping the rider in mind, we have developed a natural line of skincare products specifically developed to keep an equestrian's skin looking and feeling great, even after doing barn chores, having a tumble, or being privy to the nasty weather which we all have to face when horses are part of our lives.  A rider's skin is not created equal to all human's out there, we are indeed a special breed!