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Courtney Bolender
Courtney Bolender Dressage

Have you ever seen someone who is so "with" their horse that it sort of reminds you of butter melting on toast?  Well, that's what we thought the first time we saw Courtney Bolender riding.  Courtney is an absolutely stunning rider who is so beautiful on a horse that it give us ultimate rider goals.  However it's her personality that we love the most - Courtney is always smiling, so kind, and very thoughtful. 





Courtney has been riding since well, forever, thanks to her father, who is a real horseman through and through.  A pony clubber, Courtney is well versed across all horse disciplines.  This shows in her training approach, as she considers cross-training, varying activity, trail rides and ground work to all be integral to every horses education.  She often brings in clinicians - Henk van Bergen, and Lars Petersen are some of the regulars that Courtney has out to her Bedford Hills, NY facility.  Courtney also trains with Scott Hassler. 

Courtney Bolender Dressage
Courtney is local to The Simple Equine, so we get to visit every few months.  We so enjoy seeing the immense progress that her clients and horses in training are making.  An exercise that was a challenge or new six weeks ago, is now completed with grace and perfection.  It is a joy to watch. 

Courtney has competed in many Regional Championships.  She has won many Year End Awards including Friesian Sport Horse of the Year, Champion at first and second level with her horse Steele.  In 2017, she was East Coast Riders Cup PSG Champion on Charles Schneider's Reel Adventure.  Courtney has the drive and desire to reach as far into national and international competitions as her horses and talent can take her. At home, she will continue to enjoy helping her horses and clients reach their ultimate dressage goals. 

Courtney Bolender Dressage
Would you like to train, ride or board with Courtney?  Open yourself to a world of opportunity, growth and expansion as you invite Courtney on board to help you realize your goals. Courtney is also available for clinics, here and abroad.  You can contact her at: courtney@courtneybolenderdressage.com





Sydney Collier

Sydney Collier Paralympian

Sydney Collier's accomplishments to date include competing in the 2014 World Equestrian Games and the 2016 Paralympics in Rio De Janeiro - and she was just born in 1997!  We met Sydney at the Pegasus Therapeutic Riding Annual Horse Show. We support Pegasus by donating our products for their horses, and it turns out Sydney is a big supporter of Pegasus as well by volunteering with their programs.   

Sydney is well, to put it plainly, an inspiration for pretty much anyone on the planet.  At the age of 7, Sydney was diagnosed with Wyburn-Mason Syndrome, which is an extremely rare congenital birth defect.  She’s been through a lifetime of the medical world already - multiple brain surgeries, lots of radiation, loss of vision in her right eye as well as half of the vision in her left eye, and unfortunately, a stroke at the age of 11 that left her without the use of the left side of her body.  She has multiple strokes since the first, and these have further affected her left side. Despite all of this hardship, Sydney has never missed a beat. She has been riding since she was 7 years old, in fact, she attributes her health improvements to her drive and desire to get back into the saddle after her first stroke.  Currently, Sydney trains very seriously, riding two horses a day, plus her Equicizer, and also does Pilates twice a week. She is continually adapting to her ever changing medical condition. Her next goal is to compete in the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo, Japan. We are thrilled to be able to support Sydney!

Sydney Collier Paralympian

Sydney’s smile is contagious.  She’s warm and friendly, albeit a little sarcastic with her sense of humor... in only the best of ways of course!  However, the thing that stuck with us the most was something Sydney said the first time we met her, "In sharing my story, I really would like people to realize that if I can do it, then anyone can!”  Sydney’s desire to spread the work hard, try hard, never give up, no matter what you are faced with mantra, is what is truly amazing.  It’s this positive attitude that we admire SO much.

Sydney is available for motivational speaking to groups or individuals facing adversity.  If you would like to contact Sydney, even just to chat, you can reach her through: Instagram @sydsparaquest, Facebook: Syd's Paraquest or Email: squidney1234@gmail.com.  

Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin Dressage
Well let's just start out by saying that his name is INCREDIBLE and quite amusing to an American gal. Behind the name however, is one of the kindest and friendliest souls we have met.
Ben started riding as a teenager thanks to his sister wanting to take riding lessons. He quickly fell in love with horses and spent time not just riding horses but also driving them. Originally starting out with the intention of specializing in eventing, Ben soon realized that it was the dressage element of the sport that was his true passion. In 2010 Ben completed his Bachelor or Science in Equine Management with Honors from the University of Northampton. During his program he developed a particular interest in Sports Science including Rehabilitation and Therapy. Ben's university years weren't just for studying - it was at this time where he discovered his love of teaching. In 2012, Ben was hand-selected by Carl Hester to compete as one of 7 finalists for the British Dressage Young Professionals Award. Carl chose Ben not just because of his riding ability but also because of his personable and approachable nature, his open-mindedness and intelligence, and the fact that he is an excellent ambassador for the sport.  
Ben Franklin Dressage
With his adorable and sweet black lab Daisy by his side, you'll see Ben teaching a wide variety of clients - from pony clubbers to FEI Dressage riders and everyone in between. Ben's passion is teaching and he specializes in utilizing pole work to help dressage horses in their work. Can we say, Pilates for horses?! Ben is an expert in working with nervous riders due to his empathy for them - he had a very bad fall that almost ended his riding career, so he understands that confidence can be a real challenge following an accident or bad experience.
Ben is a Type 1 Diabetes sufferer so he really does understand that every rider is an individual and tailors his lessons to take into account all aspects of a riders requirements. Last but not least, Ben thoroughly enjoys training horses, and has a number of horses at different levels in full training. He customizes to each individual horse, focusing on strengthening their weaknesses and building a solid and correct foundation.
Are you interested riding, training or hosting a clinic with Ben? You can contact him at benfranklindressage@outlook.com follow him on Facebook: @benfranklindressage or Instagram: @benfranklindressage13, or explore his Website: www.benfranklindressage.co.uk
Molly Maloney
Molly Maloney

Apart from when she’s focused and concentrating while competing or teaching, Molly has a constant smile on her face.  She gives definition to living ones dream, as she works hard and plays hard with her horses, clients, and friends. She’s fierce but kind, and very motivated for success while at the same time enjoying every minute of what she’s doing.  Molly was originally a customer during our first year in business - she came to the booth with all of the ladies in her life - 4 generations in fact - her, her mom, her grandmother and her great-grandmother! How cool is that? Over time we’ve gotten to know each other, (she’s been a bit of a fan-girl of our products!) and given how awesome she is there was no doubt in our minds that a sponsorship with Molly would be a perfect match!  

Molly Maloney

Molly is a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist. She has always had a love for the training process and strives to find harmony and balance with her horses while moving up the training scale. Never having the opportunity to ride a made horse, her success in the show ring has been based on training horses herself. Molly has a particular passion for young horses and has done very well in young horse classes. This is her fifth season showing as a professional. Molly’s recent accomplishments include 2nd Level Reserve Champion at Nationals and Reserve Champion at Training and 4th Level at Regionals.  She has also been Region 8 Champion at 1st Level, 3rd Level, and PSG.  Maloney runs a successful business (MMDressage) in Salt Point, NY at Uphill Dressage Center where she loves teaching, working with sales horses, and training.  Are you interested in training or riding with Molly? Please contact her - (845)-656-2438 or find her on her Facebook: MMDressage. 

Rob Waine

Rob Waine DressageWe met Rob a few years ago while on a trip visiting old friends in London.  We instantly new that Rob was someone we wanted to get to know more.  He is cheery but serious, a dedicated and accomplished rider and trainer, and most importantly loves all types of horses.  

We told Rob about our natural grooming products for horses, and he was immediately interested in what we might have to offer.  On a subsequent trip, we brought Rob samples of our products to try, and it wasn't more than a few weeks before he was emailing us to discuss a sponsorship.

Rob can boast many accomplishments, from a 2014 National Title in England at the elementary level, to a 2017 Gold Medal in Paris at the MCI European Championships where Rob represented Great Britain in the Small Tour.  He also has numerous regional titles under his belt. 

Rob is the envy of many of us - he not only trains with Lisa Hopkins, but is also regularly trained by Carl Hester!  We think that's a good thing though, as Rob's dream is to someday represent his country in the Olympics. The Simple Equine is very excited to support Rob towards this goal. 

In Buckinghamshire, Rob runs his own busy training and livery yard.  We've had the opportunity to visit this top notch training facility and loved it - a peaceful place with superb care, great facilities, beautiful green fields, and most importantly, lots of friendly equine faces to greet or have a cuddle with. 

Rob Waine Dressage

Are you interested in having Rob come to teach a clinic with you?  Or perhaps you are interested in livery and training with Rob?  You can contact him here - Email: info@robwainedressage.com, Social: @robwainedressage, Website: www.robwainedressage.com