About Horse Grooming and Rider Skin Care Products

Hi, I’m Tara, founder of The Simple Equine.  I’d like to tell you about our family business and why we are passionate about making you and your horse smile. 

At The Simple Equine we focus on pampering horses and the people who love them. We accomplish this goal by creating luxurious, premium products that mix modern methods and traditional philosophies.

In 2013 my horse Ron started rubbing his tail. Incessantly.  I used all the conventional treatments, trying to help my beloved partner and his tail...but nothing worked.  Seeing him so uncomfortable was difficult.

My Indian heritage afforded me knowledge into natural, oil-based solutions for hair and skin. It took experimentation, but ultimately, I concocted a formula that made Ron’s tail thicker, stronger, and shinier. Most importantly, he no longer felt itchy and stopped rubbing!  Hurray!

People at the barn noticed the difference. Within months I supplied barn mates with what eventually became known as Nourishing Avocado Tail Treatment. They loved the Tail Treatment and now my friends demanded more of my grooming solutions.

Inspired by this unintended success, I became obsessed with natural and botanical research, enrolled in natural cosmetics courses in the UK, and tested my formulations on as many human and horsey friends as possible.  In the end, I am proud that The Simple Equine leaves horses smiling with show-ready manes and tails, and beautiful hair and skin.

I soon found out that many of our customers were using our handmade, human-grade equine products on themselves!  And voila, the Rider line was born!  Riders deal with tough conditions, so our personal care line is formulated to be a powerhouse mix of luxury and grit. Our customers pamper their horse at the barn and then pamper themselves at home with our spa quality products.  Mission accomplished!

Please share your questions and thoughts with us. We relish the opportunity to speak with our customers. We want to help you engage with your horse in a meaningful and fulfilling way.

I hope you find something that makes you and your horse smile.