Product Use and Care

The Simple Equine's® goal is to bring you natural products.  But natural ingredients behave differently from their synthetic counterparts.  Here you will find a few tips in order to keep your products working to their fullest potential. 

Recommended product use and care:

  • Always complete a patch test
  • Try to keep your product in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight
  • Keep lids on and caps closed when product is not in use 
  • After opening, keep products upright to avoid leakage
  • Pay attention to directions - especially products that should be shaken well before use

Some notes: 

  • Don't neglect patch tests:  As with every new product, it is important to make sure your horse has no reaction to a product when it is applied.  To complete a patch test, take a three inch square area on your horse, and apply the product thoroughly, making sure to rub it in well.  Wait for 72 hours and observe the three inch area to ensure there has been no reaction. 
  • Melting and freezing points will vary by product:  Has your Simple Equine product been in very cold or very hot temperatures?  In cold conditions you might find the product has become hard like a rock; in hot conditions you might find your product has become liquid and/or separated.  The good news - your product will still be effective.  In cold conditions, warm the product slightly, for example, rub the product together in your hands.  In hot conditions, try to get your product into a cooler place, and, if product has separated, just stir together. However if possible, always keep your product in a cool place.   
  • Keep products clean by keeping them closed:  If products are left open, germs and moisture can get into the container.  This will shorten the life of the product. 
  • Direct sunlight is the enemy: Direct sunlight is not good for any of your grooming products.  Sunlight deteriorates the quality of the product ingredients and thus, the life and effectiveness of your product.