Our Philosophy and Our Ingredients

It's uncomplicated at The Simple Equine® - our goal is to provide the most effective, best quality, natural products to our equine friends.  As innovations and new discoveries are made, we are always researching and improving our knowledge so that our products can provide the best green and natural alternatives to other ingredients on the market. 

A Few of Our Favorite Ingredients
Aloe Vera Soothing and hydrating
Arnica herbal oil Healing, relieves pain, anti-inflammatory
Avocado oil Moisturizing, promotes skin repair, known to stimulate hair growth, rich in vitamins A, D and E, contains natural SPF protection
Broccoli seed oil Creates shiny, glossy hair - a great natural alternative to silicone
Calendula herbal oil Promotes skin repair, minimizes scars, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-fungal
Chickweed tincture Soothing, reduces itchiness
Cocoa butter Emollient, moisturizing, repairing
Coconut oil Nourishing, softening, soothing, protective, promotes hair growth
Grape seed oil Enhances circulation, strengthening
Hemp seed oil Penetrating, soothing, increases moisture-retention, enhances glossiness of hair
Jojoba oil Emollient, occlusive
Olive oil Protective, nourishing, softening, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant
Rice bran oil Nourishing, softening, reduces itchiness, contains natural SPF protection, revives tired/damaged hair
Rosehip oil Soothing, moisturizing, softening, repairing, healing
Sesame seed oil Softening, nourishing, protective
Shea butter Moisturizing, protective, healing, softening, contains natural SPF protection, anti-inflammatory
Tamanu oil Very healing