About The Simple Equine® - Jewelry

Sterling silver horseshoe, stirrup and bit bracelets

We love jewelry, and being horse crazy, we really love equestrian themed jewelry.  Our foray into jewelry is really the creation of our founders mother, Anne, who is studying to become a goldsmith.  After attending a few horse shows helping to sell Simple Equine grooming products, Anne decided she would like to join the fun and curate a collection of jewelry items that she is passionate about. 

Our goal is to bring you beautiful, elegant, equestrian-themed jewelry, at fair prices.  Everything we sell is sterling silver, gold, pearls, semi-precious stones, leather, or some combination of two or more of these materials. 

The jewelry we sell is either handcrafted by us, made by a friend, a talented artisan, or favorite designer.  Some of our pieces are vintage or antique.  We have enjoyed searching for these in antique markets here and abroad.  If you need more information on a specific item, please ask and we will tell you as much as we can.