About Us

The Simple Equine is a mother and daughter team.  Mom (Anne) is the one behind our line of jewelry items, and daughter (Tara) is the one behind our natural grooming, bath and body care lines for horse and rider.  Together, Anne and Tara make the Simple Equine tick. 



Tara spending some time with customer Prince




We sell:

  • Handmade natural grooming products for horses
  • Handmade natural bath and body care items for riders
  • Precious metal equestrian-themed jewelry

Anne and Tara have the same goal - to provide, develop, create and procure high quality items for their customers at fair prices.  The Simple Equine does not currently wholesale to tack stores and other retail establishments in order to keep prices reasonable. 

We are always trying to improve, and it is of utmost importance to us to hear from our customers so that we can serve you to the highest standard.  Please always feel free to contact us. 

Whether you are looking to help your horse with a skin care issue, buy a lovely necklace or bracelet for a gift, or create custom goodie bags with rider bath and body care products or custom bracelets for an occasion, we are here to help. 

For more information about The Simple Equine, please check out the additional links under the "About Us" section.  Thank you.