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Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin Dressage
Well let's just start out by saying that his name is INCREDIBLE and quite amusing to an American gal. Behind the name however, is one of the kindest and friendliest souls we have met.
Ben started riding as a teenager thanks to his sister wanting to take riding lessons. He quickly fell in love with horses and spent time not just riding horses but also driving them. Originally starting out with the intention of specializing in eventing, Ben soon realized that it was the dressage element of the sport that was his true passion. In 2010 Ben completed his Bachelor or Science in Equine Management with Honors from the University of Northampton. During his program he developed a particular interest in Sports Science including Rehabilitation and Therapy. Ben's university years weren't just for studying - it was at this time where he discovered his love of teaching. In 2012, Ben was hand-selected by Carl Hester to compete as one of 7 finalists for the British Dressage Young Professionals Award. Carl chose Ben not just because of his riding ability but also because of his personable and approachable nature, his open-mindedness and intelligence, and the fact that he is an excellent ambassador for the sport.  
Ben Franklin Dressage
With his adorable and sweet black lab Daisy by his side, you'll see Ben teaching a wide variety of clients - from pony clubbers to FEI Dressage riders and everyone in between. Ben's passion is teaching and he specializes in utilizing pole work to help dressage horses in their work. Can we say, Pilates for horses?! Ben is an expert in working with nervous riders due to his empathy for them - he had a very bad fall that almost ended his riding career, so he understands that confidence can be a real challenge following an accident or bad experience.
Ben is a Type 1 Diabetes sufferer so he really does understand that every rider is an individual and tailors his lessons to take into account all aspects of a riders requirements. Last but not least, Ben thoroughly enjoys training horses, and has a number of horses at different levels in full training. He customizes to each individual horse, focusing on strengthening their weaknesses and building a solid and correct foundation.
Are you interested riding, training or hosting a clinic with Ben? You can contact him at benfranklindressage@outlook.com follow him on Facebook: @benfranklindressage or Instagram: @benfranklindressage13, or explore his Website: www.benfranklindressage.co.uk